Report: New Nintendo Direct Scheduled This March 2020

Nintendo Direct

Nintendo fans have been waiting for a new Nintendo Direct for weeks, and after a new edition hinted a few days ago and Mario Day took place yesterday, many hoped that Nintendo would announce the new broadcast this week.

But yesterday there was only a little announcement with LEGO, because it looks like Super Mario Lego is being planned. But there will soon be more information – maybe already on March 26th on Nintendo Direct.

As VentureBeat has experienced exclusively, the Nintendo Direct will only take place in the last week of March. Nintendo should therefore officially announce Nintendo Direct on March 23 or 24. Something is planned for next week.

The reporter Jeff Grubb said he could not confirm the titles that will be featured in this presentation, but it seems that the company’s willingness to publish remastered and ported versions of other games should be expected. Obviously, the support of third-party developers will not be missing.

Nintendo is said to have planned an Indie World on March 18. So next week there will probably be a preview of the indie games for 2020 and a week later Nintendo will show us what we have planned for the Switch this year.

We’ll see Animal Crossing for the Nintendo Switch on March 20th, but the roadmap for the fourth year of the Nintendo Switch still has a few gaps. Nintendo will probably close this in March. Among other things, a blockbuster for Christmas is missing and we could even see Mario Kart 9 in 2020.

We will be attentive to more details. Meanwhile, what do you think about it? Do you see it feasible? Tell us about your opinions in the comments below. If you want to know more details about Nintendo Direct news, then we will encourage you to check out all articles related to it at this link.

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