PS5 Patent Suggests Paying for Microtransactions When Playing

PS5 Patent Microsotransaction

Sony Interactive Entertainment recently registered a new patent related to PlayStation. It is a new system that, in theory, would be used as an assistant that would help players in different elements of the game. Sounds great, right? However, something that caught the attention is that it could also be used to sell content through microtransactions. Will it be implemented in the upcoming PS5?

The patent registered on the site of the Global Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) refers to an artificial intelligence platform that can help players complete different objectives. This when analyzing data of players who already completed it and recommending some of the resources they used in the attempts in which they succeeded.

For example, if a player is having trouble eliminating a boss, the system would analyze what other users did. So, it would recommend what weapon you should use to defeat it; the type of character necessary to achieve it or even the strategy that should be followed in order to defeat the boss more easily.

That said, the system would not only suggest elements within the game or strategies, since it could also offer resources through microtransactions: ” In some embodiments, selection of various resources may require a form of payment, for example by using virtual currency or real money. In some embodiments, the selection of various resources may be in the form known as a “micro-transaction”.

It is worth mentioning that, in many cases, patents are used to protect developments and do not always result in something real. So, although there is a possibility that we will see it in the next PlayStation platform, PS5, it is also possible that we do not. We will inform you if any of this materializes.

In recent news, the launches of PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X could be delayed due to Coronavirus. On the other hand, Sony has confirmed that the price of PlayStation 5 is yet to be decided.

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