Report: New Batman Game A Reboot, Releasing Fall 2020


The pleasant experience that left the games of the series Batman: Arkham developed by Rocksteady was a testimony of the level that can reach a title of superheroes without limiting itself to exploiting a famous license. Obviously, the desire to have more titles has not diminished and until today there is nothing more than rumors, speculation or clues that can mean all or nothing. However, that could change soon, as exclusive information revealed details about the new installment of Batman and what could be the start of an impressive DC Comics game strategy.

A few moments ago, the website Geeks Worldwide published information related to the next game of Batman and what appears to be a series of titles that will follow him under the command of WB Games Montreal. According to the sources, indicated as close to the site, Batman’s new game will be a “soft reboot” of the Arkham series, so it is almost a fact that the narrative line of the previous games will not continue. Also, the report says that WB Games made the decision to restart the story after not realizing any of the ideas that emerged after the debut of Batman: Arkham Knight.

On the other hand, the information indicates that Batman’s new game will be the beginning of a universe of games created from some of the DC Comics superhero franchises. In that sense, once the title debuts, this year’s fall is marked as a launch window, it will be followed by the launch of a DC Comics game developed by Rocksteady Studios and, probably, the supposed title of Superman.

Finally, the report indicates that this new Batman title will have a cooperative mode and there will be different characters to control.

Rajesh Vish
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