Nintendo Switch Still Getting Out of Stock in Japan even after 3 Years of Its Launch

Nintendo Switch Pro

After the failure of Wii U, Nintendo was expected to play all or nothing with its next console and its bet with Switch was winning. Incredible as it may seem, this March 3 the hybrid system of Nintendo Switch will turn 3 years in the market and from the first moment the success was a constant and this was observed from the beginning with the stock problems faced by the console in the most important markets and that currently, although to a lesser extent, continues to experience in Japan.

A report by NintendoLife website revealed that the success of Nintendo Switch in the Japanese market is still so great that the problems of lack of stock continue to appear in some stores, despite the passing of the years and the adequate response of Nintendo to ensure sufficient distribution. In that sense, the information indicates that the demand for the hybrid console is such that stores like the size of Amazon or Rakuten, on its Japanese site, report out of stock, although there are smaller stores that have the system in their inventory.

It is also noted that although the stock of Switch has not fallen to its lowest levels, as happened years ago, it is considered in the Japanese market as a product that is experiencing periods of shortage due to its impressive sales.

Recently, Nintendo’s financial report revealed that the hybrid console has already sold 52 million units, beating SNES and confirming the great moment the Japanese company is experiencing.

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