Sony Might be Disappointed By Death Stranding Poor Sales, Could a New Silent Hill Recover Its Investment?

Death Stranding and Silent Hill

Despite the hype generated during the development process, Death Stranding did not survive it and generated divided opinions between the media and the community. However, beyond what happened in this area, it seems that there are major problems regarding the relationship of Kojima Productions’ with Sony Interactive Entertainment due to the poor sales of the game and whose income does not respond to the investment made.

According to information published by the well-known Capcom insider, Dusk Golem, on ResetEra, sources revealed that Sony is very disappointed by the performance of Death Stranding in the market, because although it had a good start, shortly after its launch everything fell apart and even, as it relates, there are 3 million copies in warehouses that have caused annoyance in the company.

Also, the insider indicates that Sony and Kojima Productions had friction during the development of Death Stranding, because the company wanted the title to be more terrifying and dark in terms of its proposal and, in the beginning, it was until Kojima Productions decided to restart the project by changing focus. That said, SIE would have expressed on certain occasions its annoyance to the team led by Hideo Kojima, especially for the money that was being invested in a proposal that, it considered, would not have the desired response in the market.


On the other hand, the information indicates that what happened with Death Stranding would have motivated Sony to look for the IP of Silent Hill with Konami, it is not specified whether as a purchase or temporary license, so that Hideo Kojima will be in charge of the project. In that sense, the objective would be that, taking advantage of the hype generated by Silent Hills after its cancellation, Sony would commission Kojima Productions to make a new installment of the IP, or in case they do not get it, a horror game. The difference this time, according to sources, is that the project would have a limited budget and Sony would seek to do a lot with little and would appeal to use the name of Silent Hill, and the well-known “A Hideo Kojima Game” as elements that attract players.


As you know, this type of information should be taken with a pinch of salt because it is not official. However, it is known that the story of Kojima and Konami came to an end in a bad way after the excesses of development in which the creative fell with the title of Metal Gear Solid that followed the first title, so each project generated financial commitments that Kojima had to deal with and fulfill for the next game until the relationship reached to its point with Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain.

Likewise, it should be mentioned that, apart from what was reported by the NPD Group in November 2019 where it occupied the seventh position, nothing has been mentioned about the sales of Death Stranding, and Sony has not referred to the Kojima game in those terms, as it has happened with other exclusives. That said, the game quickly broke the exclusivity with PS4 and is preparing to debut on PC on June 2, a decision that also gives food for thought regarding the performance of the game in the market.

Death Stranding is now available on PS4.

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