Sony Issuing DMCA Takedowns for Talking About The Last of Us 2 Leaks on YouTube & Twitter

Sony The Last of Us 2 and Twitter

According to various posts emerging on the social networks, The Last of Us 2 is again at the center of the gaming controversies, as it seems that Sony has started implementing an offensive against the simple discussion of spoilers of the next Naughty Dog title on YouTube and Twitter. There are some users who recently reported that they have received a request to remove video content according to the DMCA law.

The content makers on YouTube and Twitter should note that the videos affected by the request for removal through DMCA did not contain any fragment of the leaked videos of the title that emerged in the past few days, therefore the attack would practically concern only on the subject of the discussion.

This problem is not looking to be precise and this accusation currently comes from a limited number of YouTubers and Twitter users, but according to them, it would be a rather serious action because it would undermine the possibility of discussing a topic without actually infringing any copyright, thus distorting the principle on which the Digital Millennium Copyright Act is based.

In any case, the whole situation here is not clear even if at the moment some videos have actually been deleted or not, but there are some testimonials from YouTubers and Twitter users who received the removal notice through DMCA, apparently. It remains to be seen whether it is actually possible to censure a discussion that does not actually contain the materials considered under accusation by law but uses them only as the subject of the speech.

We could, rather, be sure of one thing that starting a path like this will only increase the so-called Streisand effect also on the spoilers of The Last of Us 2, with a further increase in the public’s interest in the spoilers themselves.

In any case, let’s take everything in a sensible way waiting to understand how things really are going on this matter. In the meantime, there is really something going around in theory after the news that Sony has identified the authors of the leak and that Naughty Dog will talk about the situation after the launch of the game.

Remember that The Last of Us 2 will release on June 19 on PS4.

Rajesh Vish
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