Suda51 Wants To Bring The Silver Case, Killer7, Killer is Dead, & Flower, Sun, and Rain Remake To Nintendo Switch

Suda51 The Silver Case

Goichi Suda, who is also known by the nickname Suda51, is currently working on No More Heroes 3 for Nintendo Switch, but he does not rule out that he would like to bring several of his classic games, including some classic games of Grasshopper Manufacture. Of course, he admits that the decision does not depend on him.

During a recent broadcast on Twitch, the Japanese creative, Suda51, has explained that although he would like to be able to recover classic titles from his company for the hybrid console of Nintendo Switch, in most cases the decision belongs to the IP owners.

An example given by Suda51 is Killer7, which was published by Capcom, or Killer is Dead, whose rights are shared with Kadokawa Games. More realistic would, therefore, be the visual novel The Silver Case, whose rights do belong entirely to the studio.

The translator of Suda relayed the following:

“First off, Silver Case – that’s one game that he would love to release on the Switch. There have been discussions about it. At the moment, there’s nothing really concrete that he can say, but there’ve definitely been discussions about it, and he’s doing what he can to make that a reality.

As for other games – Killer7, put simply that’s pretty much up to Capcom. There’s not really a whole lot that Grasshopper can do about that, so again that’s pretty much in Capcom’s hands.

For Killer is Dead, that’s something that he would have to discuss thoroughly with Kadokawa Games. Different parts of the rights are kind of split up on that one.

But yeah, those are all titles that he would like to see come out on the Switch if possible. I guess right now, possibly the most realistic of those would be The Silver Case.”

The Japanese executive has also admitted that he is currently having conversations with a studio about possibly remaking or re-releasing Flower, Sun, and Rain, which debuted in 2008 on the Nintendo DS for Western markets, but was originally released in Japan for the PlayStation 2 in the year 2001.

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