The Last Of Us Part 1 Accessibility Trailer Shows Different Accessibility Features


The Last Of Us Part 1 accessibility trailer shows the game’s new features, which include options for people with disabilities. Among these features are audio descriptions for cinematic sequences and haptic feedback for the DualSense controller. This will allow players who have difficulty hearing to feel the voices of characters and the actions of the game’s characters.

Another new feature is the ability to toggle presets. This will enable people with impaired hearing to hear the lines spoken by the main characters and enemies. It will also work with audio tracks recorded offscreen. For now, the game’s accessibility trailer is available for viewing online.

The game’s DualSense controller plays a significant role. The new controller will send haptic feedback to the player, making spoken word more realistic. The game’s audio descriptions will also be integrated into cutscenes across all localised languages. The game will also feature dialogue through the DualSense controller, allowing deaf players to hear and feel speech.

The Last Of Us Part 1 is due out for PlayStation 5 on September 2, 2022. The game is also in development for PC. For list of accessibility features check out the official PlayStation blog post.