The Last of Us Remake Could Launch This Year for PS5

The Last of Us

Sony has been working hard to keep The Last of Us saga alive, so much so that multiple reports say that a remake could be coming this year. This game was critically acclaimed, has DLC and remasters coming out, and even a prestige television show based on the game is being developed. It looks like we might be getting a remake this year, and that it could be one of the most anticipated games of this generation.

If rumors are to be believed, the PS5 remake of The Last Of Us could be in development now. Jeff Grubb – a notorious spoiler – recently suggested that the remake might be ready to release this year, which would place it in the holiday season of 2022. The rumor has some basis in the work of Naughty Dog and Tom Henderson. But it is still too early to predict whether the PS5 remake will come this year.

While the PlayStation 5 version of The Last of Us isn’t set to release until next year, Grubb believes that the remake will be a big Sony game, and that the PS4 version won’t get released until next year. However, it won’t matter if the games launch at different times; the plan is to have the game out as soon as the show drops. But if the timelines don’t align, the Remake might hit the shelves this year, too.