Lost Ark Destined For Destruction Update Adds New Destroyer Class, First Legion Raids and More


The next big update for the Lost Ark is ‘Destined For Destruction‘ will be out today. Among the new features in the update are the advanced class Destroyer and first Legion Raids Valtan, which are very challenging team activities. However, some players are reporting that the quest to fight the Legion Raid does not appear. They must be at least level 50 to complete the quest. So, if you’ve been waiting for the update to hit your PC, you need to read this guide!

New Class Destroyer

As always, it’s not just the raids that are getting an update this time, but also new classes. The new class is the Destroyer, which is a melee DPS class with the ability to manipulate gravity. While the Glaivier class was introduced last December, the Destroyer is the first class to get a major overhaul. The Destroyer class allows players to crush, launch, or stun enemies.

Valtan Legion Raids

Legion Raids
Valtan Legion Raids

Valtan will introduce the first Legion Raid into the western version of Lost Ark. Valtan is an eight-player Legion raid, has 2 gates, and introduces a swathe of new mechanics. Players will need to be item level 1415 to attempt normal difficulty, and 1445 for hard. The Valtan Legion Raid is the highlight of the Lost Ark content update. Players can check out the complete list of new activities in this article.

Deskaluda Guardian Raids

In the latest update of the popular game, players are now able to take on the new Guardian, the Deskaluda. This mighty character must be defeated before the dark ages take over the world. Deskaluda will require an item level of 1415 to attempt.

The raid can be tackled solo or in groups of two or three. If you are planning on soloing this raid, you should try to run it with a partner. This way, you can get a better idea of how Deskaluda attacks.

New Cosmetics

Destined For Destruction update also adds the following new cosmetic collection and a Destroyer Exclusive Skin to the in-game store, available in exchange for either Crystals or Royal Crystals.

  • Shushire’s Will – Destroyer Exclusive Skin Set
  • Dawn Collection Armor Skins
  • Dawn Collection Weapon Skins
  • Stronghold Structures & Customization

Bug Fixes

The latest update also adds the following bug fixes to the game.

  • Fixed an issue preventing entry into Secret Dungeons if the map was stored in the Pet Inventory.
  • Fixed an issue causing uncraftable Feasts and BBQs to display in the Chef’s Kitchen within the Stronghold.
  • Fixed an issue causing most events saved in the calendar to be removed after closing and reopening the menu.
  • Fixed an issue causing the “Attachment” and “Delete” selection buttons to not function within the mailbox.
  • Fixed an issue causing cutscenes to only trigger for a single player when progressing through a quest with a party member.
  • Fixed an issue causing the ticking SFX heard at the end of a Team Elimination PvP match to persist through the proceeding rounds.
  • Fixed an issue causing all options/items to disappear when searching for invalid terms at any vendor.
  • Fixed an issue causing UI elements to disappear when pressing the tab key while viewing items from a vendor.
  • Fixed an issue causing ban reasoning and expiration timers to not be shown in specific cases.
  • Fixed an issue causing the event time shown in the calendar to not follow the local server time.
  • Fixed an issue causing the timers displayed in the Adventure Island menu to reference UTC time in all regions.
  • Fixed an issue causing the weapon effect toggle to activate after accessing the dismantle menu from the inventory.
  • Fixed a controller related issue where some pop-up tutorials would display keyboard commands instead of controller inputs.
  • Fixed an issue preventing the “The Shandi’s Trial: Focusing” quest from being completed while using a controller.

This game is now available for PC through Steam. The updated version brings a host of new features and improvements. You can now use gravity manipulation and control your ship with your hands. The Destined For Destruction update also adds three Challenge Guardian Raids to the game.

You will have to kill three of these creatures to complete these new missions. For more information on the new additions to Lost Ark, read the full patch notes.

In addition to the aforementioned features, the update will also feature a host of other changes to the game. So make sure to check out this new update and be the first to see what’s in store! There are plenty of changes coming soon, so get ready for an amazing update!