Twitter Confirms it is Testing an Edit Button

Twitter has finally confirmed that it is testing an edit button and is collecting feedback. While some experts are skeptical, others say it is the right thing to do. The new feature will be available only to those who pay to use it. That means it will be a paid feature, not free like other Twitter features.

It will allow people to edit their tweets after publication within 30 minutes. The edit button is something that has long been requested by Twitter users, and this change will help those who may have made a mistake. But it is also a controversial feature, as some worry that users could misuse the feature to gaslight others or rewrite history.

Screenshot: Twitter

The company has stated that it did not get the idea for this feature from a poll. Elon Musk, the company’s largest shareholder, had recently asked his followers if they wanted a feature like this. Currently, the feature is only available for users who have replied to a tweet. However, it will be possible to turn off notifications in the settings menu.

The new feature will  allow users to edit tweets multiple times within 30 minutes after publication. Editing a tweet will also show a label, timestamp, and icon. A click on the label will reveal the changes.