What Does the Number 2131953663 Mean in Deleted Reddit Comments?


The mysterious number “2131953663” started appearing in deleted Reddit comments around November 16, 2023. This occurrence led to various theories and speculations among Reddit users about its possible significance and meaning. While some users suggested it might be a result of a glitch in Reddit’s coding, others theorized it could be an automated code for deleted comments or even a legitimate phone number. Despite these theories, the true meaning and origin of this number in the context of deleted Reddit comments remain unclear​.

The number 2131953663, which appeared in deleted Reddit comments, sparked a lot of curiosity and various theories among Reddit users. While the exact meaning of this number is unclear, several hypotheses have been proposed by the online community:

  1. Technical Glitch Theory: Some users believe that the appearance of “2131953663” could be due to a glitch in Reddit’s coding. It’s theorized that this could be related to a class in the Reddit code, like ‘Deleted Post’, which features an attribute such as ‘Replacement Text’, unintentionally pointing to an object not intended for direct text interpretation​​​​.
  2. Automated Code for Deleted Comments: Another theory suggests that “2131953663” might be an automated code used by Reddit for deleted comments​​.
  3. Phone Number Theory: There’s speculation that the number might be a phone number. However, this has been met with caution, as dialing an unknown number could be risky, and some users have pointed out that it does not conform to legal phone number formats​​​​.
  4. Hoax or Scam: Some members of the Reddit community consider the possibility that the number could be part of a hoax or scam, designed to create buzz and confusion. Similar stunts have been pulled in online communities in the past​​.
  5. Symbolic or Secret Message: A more imaginative theory is that the number could represent specific dates or locations when decoded, or it might be some form of a secret message​​.

In conclusion, the true significance of the number “2131953663” in deleted Reddit comments remains a mystery. It has become a subject of fascination and debate among Reddit users, with various theories continuing to circulate without any definitive explanation.