Xbox Live Gold Games For January 2023 Adds Iris Fall and Autonauts

Games with Gold

Xbox Live Gold subscribers can look forward to two new titles in January 2023 Iris Fall and Autonauts. A young girl named Iris finds herself in a labyrinth of dark and light. She must find her way out. The game has a respectable user rating of 3.51/5 and a 1-2 hour completion time.

On top of the new games, Microsoft has also announced that Autonauts will be coming to the Xbox One in mid-January. The colourful automation sim has received a lot of praise for its open-ended design and engaging gameplay. Players can harvest sticks and stones, build foundations and teach their workerbots to do a variety of tasks. Afterwards, they can transform their creations into different forms, which can include a space station or a swarm of robots.

Xbox Live Gold members will have exclusive access to these games for a limited time as part of Games with Gold. The Iris Fall will be available from January 1 to 31, while the Autonauts will be available for free from January 16 to February 15.