Xiaomi Black Shark Chan Upcoming Update 5.0 to Bring New Features and Improvements

Shark Chan Version 5.0 UPDATE

Xiaomi’s Black Shark smartphones are in for an exciting update, with the Shark Chan assistant getting a significant upgrade to version 5.0. Shark Chan, a distinctive digital assistant originally introduced on Black Shark gaming smartphones, is poised to offer users an even more interactive and engaging experience with this latest update.

Shark Chan, powered by Xiao AI, addresses users as “Commander” and boasts an array of interactive features, including setting alarms and providing assistance tailored to gamers’ needs. With the forthcoming update, several new features and enhancements are set to enhance the Shark Chan experience.

Shark Chan Version 5.0 – What’s New?

  1. “Back to School” Skin: As part of the update, users can look forward to a fresh “Back to School” skin, expected to make its debut in mid-September. This new skin promises to add a touch of novelty to the Shark Chan interface.
  2. Intimacy System: The update introduces an intimacy system, allowing users to engage with Shark Chan and build their intimacy level. As the intimacy level increases, users can unlock rare props and functions, enhancing the overall personalization and interaction with the digital assistant.
  3. User Home Page: With version 5.0, a “User Home Page” feature will be introduced. This section will enable users to access and view personal information, including outfits and phone models, providing a more customized experience.
  4. Prime Stone: The update introduces the “Prime Stone,” a rechargeable item within the application. Users can utilize the Prime Stone to trade for rare costumes, adding an exciting layer of collectibility to the Shark Chan experience.

According to a report by ITHome, the update rollout commenced on September 3, and it will be made available to users in small batches. Black Shark smartphone owners eager to experience the latest enhancements can check the Shark Chan application for updates to see if they have received this highly-anticipated patch.

With the Shark Chan 5.0 update, Xiaomi’s Black Shark smartphones are poised to offer users an even more engaging and personalized digital assistant experience, further enhancing the appeal of these gaming-focused devices.