ASUS ROG Ally is Launching on May 11, Details Here


There is a lot to get excited about in the world of new handheld gaming PCs, and the new ASUS ROG Ally is launching May 11 with a whole host of features and specs that are sure to impress. The device is based on AMD’s new Ryzen Z1 Series processor, a 120Hz FHD panel with FreeSync Premium support, up to 16GB LPDDR5 dual-channel RAM, and up to 512GB of PCIe Gen 4 upgradeable storage.

Its design is very similar to Valve’s Steam Deck, as well as One-Netbook’s OneXPlayer and a number of other devices that have recently hit the market. Asus has also opted to design the Ally with detachable gamepads that are not yet commonplace in the industry, a feature that is not only more comfortable for users to hold but can also be used as a virtual mouse when not in use.

The ROG Ally will run Windows 11, which should be a good thing for gamers that want to play games natively without having to worry about emulation. It’ll also come with the company’s Armoury Crate SE software, which will let you control performance and cooling profiles, create individual profiles for each of your installed games, and more.

Whether the Ally will be able to compete with the Steam Deck remains to be seen, but it should offer plenty of interesting features for fans of portable gaming. Its main selling point will likely be the fact that it runs Windows, which is something that the Steam Deck cannot.

ASUS ROG Ally is set to launch on May 11, 2023, where we will be getting more about its specs, price, and pre-order details!