Ghost of Tsushima Will Be Over 40-50 Hours Long, Director Confirms

Ghost of Tsushima

There are many video games that aim to drag us into ambitious open worlds, but there is a question that is always asked: how long will the gaming experience last? This question is also valid for the most awaited game for PS4, Ghost of Tsushima, for which we are learning more details every now and then.

Today, it was the turn of Nate Fox, the creative director of Ghost of Tsushima, who answered the actual duration of the game. In an interview with the Portuguese website Voxel, the director has confirmed that the approach to the game can be freely decided by the players on how they choose to proceed with the story and how they can entertain themselves with all the secondary missions proposed in the game.

“It is a difficult question to answer, because the world is a large space with several isolated side stories,” Fox said. “We did several tests with people playing about 6 and a half hours a day and the results were very different. Many did not finish the main story because they were busy exploring other aspects of the game.

When asked if the players “could take 30, 40, 50 or more hours, if they devoted themselves to optional activities and less to the specific main story only,” Fox replied: “Yes, absolutely. But I would highly recommend that everyone get off the main route and get lost on the island of Tsushima, since there is a lot to discover there.”

After all, Sucker Punch has already confirmed that it was inspired by games like The Legend of Zelda, so it seems more than reasonable to expect a rich open world to be discovered.

Remember that Ghost of Tsushima will officially release on PS4 on July 17th.

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