Horizon: Zero Dawn Ex-Producer Responds to Fans Criticism of PC Launch

Horizon: Zero Dawn

On March 10 this month, Sony Interactive Entertainment officially announced what has been rumored in recent months: Horizon: Zero Dawn will release on PC this summer after it premiered in March 2017 exclusively for PS4. The response to the news from some players has been to criticize Sony for making more users enjoy the adventure of Guerrilla Games, something that a former producer of the studio does not approve of.

The twitter user @THEAP99, who has changed his profile description to “The end of an era”, posted a tweet saying: “Great way to spend my birthday.” The message was accompanied by a video where you see a destroyed room and you can hear him cry. The tweeter says that Sony “has thrown decades away” and that “it was all for nothing.”

“What the hell is wrong with you people,” wrote Sam Sharma upon seeing that tweet. Sharma is a former producer for Guerrilla Games and Ubisoft, and has worked on Horizon: Zero Dawn, Killzone, and the Ghost Recon series. The developer, who is now working on an unannounced title, says: “We made a game, you enjoyed it. Now some more people get to enjoy it. And somehow that takes away from YOUR enjoyment?!”

“Please be kind to yourselves. Your enjoyment of the game has not diminished because some more people get to play it,” concluded the developer. In the responses to the message, you can see dozens of incredulous people in front of the user’s video, but also other tweets that criticize the fact that more people can play Horizon.

From Sony, they have assured that although Horizon: Zero Dawn will launch in the summer on PC (there are no details of the release date or the price; only it is known that it will be the Complete Edition), the company will remain committed with the release of exclusive games for PlayStation consoles and with “single-player games”.

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