What is Imginn? Download Instagram Photos, Videos, and Story and Highlights


Imginn is a website which allows you to view and download Instagram photos, videos, and story highlights Anonymously. It’s free and allows you to browse your Instagram account and watch stories, but you can also download photos and videos for free for any Instagram user. Despite the fact that it’s free, Imginn offers many other benefits to Instagram users.

Imginn can let you view Instagram content anonymously, download them, and share them via email. The website is free to use, but there are some restrictions. You won’t be able to like other users’ photos or comment on their posts. Nevertheless, Imginn is becoming more popular each day.

Imginn saves your search queries and remembers your accounts. Then, when you want to browse another Instagram profile, you just type in the first letter of the query. The app will then give you recent searches related to that keyword. By doing this, you’ll be able to recognize the profiles that you’ve visited before. You can also delete your imginn account and erase the history it keeps.

Another Imginn alternative that lets you view Instagram stories anonymously without checking in is Picuki. It’s a website that lets you download Instagram stories.

Imginn is a great tool for anonymous Instagram browsing, but it is not totally secure. This service is run by a third party, so you cannot be sure that your account will be safe. Therefore, before using it, you should sign up for a VPN service and protect your privacy from third parties. Also, keep in mind that Imginn is an open API, which allows any third party to track you.

The service Imginn for Instagram is a useful tool for Instagram users to download Instagram pictures and stories and view them anonymously. It is free to use and very easy to use. All you need is a computer with Internet access. You can download images and videos without an Instagram account, and then use them to share them with others.

Another great feature of Imginn is its ability to download Instagram videos. If you don’t want to store the Instagram videos on your phone, you can download them to your computer’s hard drive. Imginn also offers features that help organize your files into folders. Imginn also lets you share Instagram videos with your friends and family.

How to Use Imginn to View and Download Instagram Photos, Videos, and Story Highlights

  • To use it, simply go to Imginn.com. The site will prompt you to enter the Username of the person you want to view.
  • If the user has a profile page with pictures, just click on the one you’re interested in, and you’ll be given the user’s profile page links to download the photo or video album.
  • Now, simply click on the Blue Download Text to download that particular photo or video.