Kemono Heroes for Nintendo Switch Available Now

Kemono Heroes

Kemono Heroes is now available on Nintendo Switch from NIS America. The game is available through digital distribution in the eShop for 14.99 euros. This is a retro-style title developed by Mad Gear Games. It is an action game with retro style and features an intense local multiplayer for four users.

Game Information:
When the moon god transforms the inhabitants of the forest into stone, four animal ninja masters must make their way fighting to Mount Fuji to undo the spell. Use agile movements, an arsenal of tools and each teacher’s unique abilities to save your home.

Thus, the game tells us how Tsukigami, the moon god, has transformed these habitats into stone and puts us in the role of four animals that are ninja masters with the mission of breaking the spell.

The title includes local multiplayer options for up to four players. During the adventure, we can get weapons and items, as well as multiple additional improvements.

It is available with several integrated languages ​​as standard, including Spanish. It is also available in English, Japanese, Korean and Chinese. It is expected that Kemono Heroes will also be launched on different platforms sometime this year.

Check the announcement trailer of the game below.

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