Mafia 4 Will Be Next-Gen Title Only; Mafia Definitive Edition Menu Screen Leaked – Rumor

Mafia Definitive Edition & Mafia 4

It seems that the 2K Games studio is currently working on a new license of Mafia, as it will not leave the franchise in the closet for a very long time. Today, several rumors about a new Mafia 4 game, that would be more of a reboot instead of a proper sequel, came into the limelight. Along with this, the menu screen of the definitive edition of the games has been leaked.

As noted before, the Taiwanese classification body has classified Mafia II: Definitive Edition and Mafia III: Definitive Edition on PS4, Xbox One and PC in its database, which confirms the appearance of these same records two days earlier in the records of the classification body of South Korea.

If we do not really see what Mafia III: Definitive Edition could bring more compared to Mafia III: Deluxe Edition which already brings together the base game and its DLCs, the appearance of Mafia II: Definitive Edition is more notable since this episode released in 2010 has never been released on PS4 and Xbox One (knowing however that the Xbox 360 version is compatible on Xbox One).

However, today a rumor also confirms that not only Mafia 1 will be available in the Definitive Edition of the game, but also a Mafia 4 will be revealed soon, which will be a next-gen title only and won’t release on PS4 and Xbox One.

You can check the complete leaked details below. Remember that the publisher has not announced anything officially, so take this rumor with a pinch of salt.

As everyone expected, it will be called: Mafia – Definitive Edition.

No console exclusive content.

Mafia – Def. Edition will be available exclusively on EGS for 6 months.

Mafia – Def. Edition will be a Digital-Only game for 1 month.

Mafia – Def. Edition will receive a physical version when Mafia 1 will be available.

The physical version will include the CD (for Mafia 3: Def. Edition) and 2 Digital Codes for Mafia 1 and Mafia 2.

The reason why Mafia 1 will be the last one to release is 2K wants it to be redone, it won’t be a remake though. 2K is aiming for Mafia 1 to look exactly like Mafia 2.

Mafia 2 won’t be receiving anything besides a new shader and textures (It’s similar to Saints Row 3: Remastered).

Mafia 3 will have some bugs fixed, and it will look a bit better (just a bit).

If you already own Mafia 3 you will get all the DLC’s for free.

All 3 remastered games will be sold separately ($25 each) or you can buy the Mafia – Definitive Edition Pack ($55)

Select Game menu is Subject to Change.

If you already own Mafia 2 and Mafia 3 on PC (Steam) you will automatically receive the Definitive Edition Patch for both of them.

If you already own Mafia 1, 2 and 3 on PC (Steam) the games will be removed from your library, and Steam will automatically change it to Mafia – Def. Edition. (Similar to what R* did with their GTA Complete Edition Re-Release).

The Patch for Mafia 3 Def. Edition will be a bit bigger because it will include one new cutscene.

After you 100% Complete Mafia 3 Def. Edition, one new quest will appear on the map. The quest will be called “What’s Next…?”, after you arrive at the new quest, a short cutscene will start. At the end of the cutscene the logo for Mafia 4 will be revealed. Keep in mind, this quest is Subject to Change; From what i know 2K wants to do something a bit different for the Mafia IV reveal instead of just adding a new quest to the Base Game.

Mafia – Def. Edition will be out in September, with Mafia 1: Def. Edition coming in Late October.

Mafia – Def. Edition will be revealed relatively soon, supposedly at Sony’s next State of Play.

Mafia 4 will be a Next Gen title (so no PS4 or Xbox One release). 2K is working alongside Sony for some exclusive Mafia content on the PlayStation 5 (I don’t know any other details related to the deal between 2K and Sony).

There are chances that Mafia IV will be more of a reboot instead of a proper sequel.

Hangar 13 is done with Mafia. 2K will assign the IP to another studio.

Mafia – Def. Edition will come to Nintendo Switch in 2021 but the bundle will only include Mafia 1 and Mafia 2 (there’s a chance that Mafia 3 will also be included, but it will be a really bad version of the base game, and nobody wants another *cough* wwe 2k18 *cough*).

Mafia 1 and 2 on Switch will look exactly the same as the original releases.

Mafia – Def. Edition (2 and 3) will be released in September for PC (EGS), PS4 and Xbox One; with Mafia 1 coming in October alongside a Physical edition. And in 2021 for Nintendo Switch (Mafia 1 and 2)

The thing no one asked for, 2K is working on a mobile Mafia game.


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