Netflix Announces Gears of War Live-action Animated Series

Gears of War FILM
Image Courtesy: Netflix

Gears of War is a popular video game that has been adapted into many different media. A film adaptation was unsuccessfully tried by New Line Cinema in 2007. Universal, however, commissioned a script for the film in 2018. Given the massive fanbase of the video game, a Netflix adaptation could be a huge hit.

The original video game took place on a planet near societal collapse and centered around the story of Marcus Fenix and his Delta Squad as they fight against the Locust Horde, an alien species. The series has been a success, spawning four sequels and several spinoff titles.

Netflix has announced plans for a live-action Gears of War movie and animated series in collaboration with Coalition. While Netflix hasn’t revealed an exact release date, the film is expected to arrive first. The series will follow shortly after. Despite the lag in the release schedule, Netflix is promising fans a continuation of the Gears of War story.

The original video game was released 16 years ago, so it might not be long before the series will make its way to the big screen. The Gears of War video game was developed by Epic Games and the film was released on November 7, 2006. It was then transferred to The Coalition in 2016 after the release of Gears of War 4.

The transition was smooth and the video game became a huge success. In the meantime, the latest installment of the Gears of War video game series, Hivebusters, was launched on the PC and Xbox in December of 2018. It was well-received, and received positive reviews from critics and fans alike.