Silent Hill: The Short Message Rated in Korea

Silent Hill

Silent Hill: The Short Message is getting a rating in Korea, according to a report from Gematsu. It isn’t clear what platform the game will be available on, though. However, the publisher, UNIANA, has published Konami games in Korea before, including Free-to-play eFootball 2023. The rating isn’t entirely unexpected.

The Korean Game Rating and Administration Committee recently posted a new “Classification decision announcement” on their website. While the game has not officially been announced, the title itself is a clue. It could be a standalone mobile game or a teaser for something larger.

Silent Hills
Screenshot Credits: Gematsu

It’s unknown if the game is a minor Silent Hill spin-off or an independent indie project, but the game’s classification could confirm old rumors of more Silent Hill games in development. If it is, this could give fans hope for future announcements. However, the Korean classification body has not revealed any other details about the game, but it did note that it’s being published by UNIANA. It’s not clear if the game will be released on Xbox One or PS4.