The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt Patch 4.01 Rolling Out Now on PC, PlayStation and Xbox

Wild Hunt

CD Projekt Red has released a fresh patch 4.01 for The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt which is rolling out now on PC, PlayStation and Xbox. The new update is around 2.7GB in size and promises improvements to the game’s overall stability and performance.

1. Improved general game stability and performance:

This update should fix a number of problems, including issues with the dedicated ray tracing mode and the ability to use multiple save files. It also fixes a bug that caused the game to reset user settings and options every time it was restarted.

2. Changed the way combat with humans works:

In addition to balancing the amount of damage Geralt can do to them, it’s also been altered how often they can parry attacks. This changes the overall strategy you can take with human enemies, as it makes them more dangerous when they realise that Geralt is not just a “stunned” opponent anymore.

3. Changed the decoction system:

Decoctions have been re-worked, lowering their toxicity offset. Additionally, they have been tweaked so that Geralt’s poison critical effect is less effective the longer it’s applied to an enemy.

4. Improved monster balance:

In addition, most of the base stats of monster types have been changed. This includes changes to their vitality, essence and damage resistance.

5. Changed the armor and weapon gear:

There are some minor changes here, but the main thing to note is that Geralt’s armor and weapons now have more utility attributes. These include attack power, sign intensity, adrenaline gain etc.

The full patch details can be found here.