Unreal Engine 5 Debate on Xbox Series X & PS5 Shut by Epic CEO

Unreal Engine 5 Xbox Series X and PS5

Recently, Epic Games revealed a preview of Unreal Engine 5, the company’s new graphics engine, which will be soon available to developers to create their next-gen software. As you may recall, a short gameplay demo was shown to present the new features introduced by the new engine, which was captured by a PlayStation 5 devkit. Does this mean that what we have seen will be achievable only on the new Sony console? A debate arose among users of Microsoft console and also some of the Sony console players.

The entire presentation of Unreal Engine 5, combined with the short interview between Geoff Keighley and Tim Sweeney, CEO of Epic, however, left many viewers puzzled: the event was seen by many unusually for the pro-PlayStation console.

Despite the various questions of Keighley, such as if the tech demo shown in the Summer Game Fest could also run on the Xbox Series X, Epic members almost never answered directly. They only said that UE5 will run “on all platforms”, without never saying clearly “Xbox Series X.”

Of course, this desertion was not welcomed by many viewers and some even speculated that that demo would never have been possible on the new Microsoft console, despite the superior power. Obviously, there is also a second possibility, much more possible: considering that the demo was made in collaboration with Sony and PlayStation 5, there could be marketing agreements that would prevent Epic from directly mentioning the competition, although it is obvious that the Unreal Engine 5 can be used by any existing developer.

In confirmation to all this theory (and to silence all the noises), Tim Sweeney recently spoke on Twitter, confirming that everything we have seen will also be supported by Xbox Series X and high-end PCs:

“The Unreal Engine 5 demo on PlayStation 5 was the culmination of years of discussions between Sony and Epic on future graphics and storage architectures. The Nanite and Lumen tech powering it will be fully supported on both PS5 and Xbox Series X and will be awesome on both.”

In short, it was a confirmation not necessary, but should be welcomed to end the long controversial console war. What do you think about it? Did you have any doubts? Tell us in the comments below.

Rajesh is a video game enthusiast and he is also the editor here at TechPlusGame.com.