What is SafeOpt and How Can it Help Your Business

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In a world where attention spans have decreased but an understanding of data security has increased, it might be safe to assume that the old-fashioned way of doing business via email is soon to go the way of the Dodo. However, nothing could be further from the truth, as email remains one of the most crucial elements of an online marketer’s toolbox due to its highly impressive ROI. 

Nonetheless, those issues mentioned at the start aren’t mere inconveniences, and many marketers have struggled in recent times to square the circle of remarkable results with a far more tech-savvy audience than used to exist. Fortunately, there are plenty of very clever entrepreneurs out there who have seen these issues and developed solutions to get around them. 

SafeOpt is one such solution that we will discuss in this article. We will explain what this platform is and how it can assist companies of every kind to realize their full potential without worrying about the typical downsides that can plague even the best email campaigns.

What Is SafeOpt?

SafeOpt was first established in 2011 as a platform to enable businesses to maximize revenue, particularly while complimenting exciting marketing efforts. In short, there are numerous advantages that SafeOpt offers to savvy marketers who desire the ability to boost their bottom line in a sustainable manner. The platform allows brands to send personalized offers to shoppers who have recently visited their website but did not complete a purchase. These verified offers encourage consumers to return and complete their transactions, building customer loyalty and opening up a vast swathe of relevant customers who have shown purchase intent. 

For brands, it unlocks a powerful new marketing lever that enables them to move beyond their existing email lists and harness the power of what is known as retargeting. While most retargeting efforts rely on expensive digital ads with no guarantee of results (particularly if you are new to this world), SafeOpt does the heavy lifting for you and utilizes its truly mind-boggling 175 million+ shoppers to your advantage. 

SafeOpt represents a new permission-based (more on that later) channel for brands to cost-effectively turn website visitors into loyal customers. The platform’s growth indicates brands have embraced this innovative approach to unlock incremental sales.

How Can It Assist Businesses?

As you might have gathered by now, SafeOpt provides a highly effective method that allows companies to market to an audience that is ready to buy. Let’s examine each of these advantages in greater detail so that you can see for yourself the wide range of benefits offered by this platform.

It Offers Permission-Based Personalization

A new paradigm is (has?) emerging in personal marketing known as permission-based personalization. Unlike traditional digital advertising that tracks users without consent (and has ultimately been its downfall), permission-based platforms engage consumers through an opt-in process. Individuals voluntarily provide personal details and shopping preferences in exchange for a more tailored experience. While you might think that most modern web users would eschew this form of marketing, most enjoy the personalized experience and willingly give their information in exchange for a guarantee of privacy and a dramatically reduced barrage of unwanted and irrelevant marketing noise. 

In some ways, you can consider it somewhat akin to a Hobbesian Leviathanesque form of marketing where the customer puts their trust in the higher power in exchange for something else. In other words, permission opens the door to hyper-relevant outreach. With consent to access purchase histories, permission platforms can identify individual shopping patterns, item affinities, and past browsing behaviors. This treasure trove of zero-party data fuels personalized messaging that feels tailored rather than intrusive. This is what SafeOpt promises and delivers in spades.

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It Is Easy To Scale Up As Your Business Grows

Although this isn’t an advantage regarding its core competency, it certainly helps that it makes it straightforward to scale as your business grows. By offering performance-based pricing, brands can better calculate their expenses based on revenue projection rather than jumping up in blocks that might not match their income levels.

You Will Increase Your Conversion Rates

Because of the way in which SafeOpt operates, you are almost guaranteed to boost conversion rates by virtue of targeting only those who have shown sincere interest in your or similar products and services. While email marketing is limited to existing subscribers and paid ads can become prohibitively expensive for smaller enterprises, SafeOpt inserts the brand into the consideration set when interest is highest but before the sale is lost. This way, you can reduce the number of lost sales and build a satisfying high amount of loyalty, which also leads nicely to the next point.

Coversation rate
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You Can Increase Customer Loyalty

Customers’ heightened awareness of the importance of data privacy has translated into a widespread mistrust of companies that exploit their own data and use it against them. Consequently, many individuals have shunned larger corporations and chosen to move their patronage to those that are able to provide them with what they want sans the uncanny valley aspect of seeing hyper-personalized retargeted ads popping up as they use an application or browse the web. 

By opting for platforms that implement the permission-based options discussed previously, brands can garner more trust while still offering their products to those who are actually interested in taking action and spending money. In other words, SafeOpt gives brands a win-win scenario: they can have their cake and eat it!

It Helps You Avoid Complex Data Compliance Issues

It’s no big secret that while data regulations have been a welcome advancement for the average person, their complexity has disproportionately impacted marketers who previously relied on wide-ranging data sets to produce laser-targeted marketing campaigns. Although this worked and still works to a certain extent, it has become far more challenging to collect the data in a compliant manner. SafeOpt essentially allows you to sidestep these issues by doing the job of compliance for you and allowing you to bask in the results it can bring. 

SafeOpt presents an attractive new option for businesses seeking to maximize revenue in today’s digital economy. Platforms like SafeOpt allow companies to forge direct, consent-based relationships that fuel targeted messaging and increased sales.