Why Do People Still Play Old School RuneScape and Whether it Truly is Legendary


In the market for MMORPG games, there aren’t many respectable genre representatives. And if you requested us to list the top 5 Runescape would undoubtedly be on the list. It frequently receives comparisons to Warcraft and it is a good sign.

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Do people still play Old School RuneScape and why?

It still has a player base that is active. Many players have been playing the game for years or even over ten years, demonstrating its devoted fan base.

People continue to play OSRS for a variety of motives, such as:

Many gamers who were raised playing the game have fond memories of it and like going back to the Gielinor setting and the original gameplay.

Community: OSRS has a vibrant and committed player base that gives participants a social component to the game. Gamers can interact with one another on the official forum and on social media, form guilds or clans, and take part in activities.

Easy to Understand: OSRS has an easy-to-understand gameplay that is approachable to new gamers and those looking for a casual gaming environment.

Adaptability: Players have a great deal of flexibility to decide how they wish to play OSRS. Players have the option to concentrate on a certain ability, such as trading, crafting, or battling, or they may go on missions and slowly discover the game’s universe.

Updates and material: The creators of the game strive to regularly publish new updates and stuff, keeping the game interesting and fun for both new and veteran players.

Overall, even though OSRS has been around for more than 20 years, it still has a large, devoted player base that loves the game’s accessibility, adaptability, and sense of community.

Can it be called legendary?

The initial iteration of the game, RuneScape, was introduced in 2001. Since then, the game has had a long and illustrious history. It has seen several upgrades and variations over the years, but OSRS in particular is a 2013 release that aims to recreate the title as it was in 2007. Exactly this version is regarded as the game’s “golden age”.

Because of how the MMORPG genre has been impacted by OSRS, it can be considered as iconic. Numerous games in the genre have been influenced by the game’s straightforward yet addictive gameplay, as well as its emphasis on questing, skill development, and research. Furthermore, many players have become accustomed to and recognized the game’s traditional visuals and general aesthetic.

How to play Old School RuneScape in 2023?

Although OSRS is a free game to play, users have the option of paying a membership fee to gain access to more features and content.

Players may explore the game’s huge and varied globe, which is populated with villages, cities, dungeons, and other places. Gielinor is a fictional continent where the game is situated.

A multitude of races, classes, and talents are available for players to choose from as they construct and design their own characters. The game offers players a huge variety of things to do, such as questing, fighting, crafting, and more.

For computers, Old School RuneScape is not a very demanding game. The game was created to function on low-end hardware. Even the outdated version of RuneScape, currently known as RuneScape 3, may be played without a highly powerful computer.

Old School RuneScape just requires a DirectX 9.0c capable video card, a machine with a minimum 1 GHz CPU, and 1 GB of RAM to run. Additionally, the initial download of the game only takes up a few hundred megabytes of disk space.

Are there any games similar to Old School RuneScape?

Here are some alternatives if you’re seeking games like Old School RuneScape:

  • Although RuneScape 3 has more up-to-date graphics and gameplay, it still has many of the original game’s features.
  • In addition to having an open world and a strong gameplay component, Albion Online is an MMORPG. There are many possibilities for social contact and a class structure.
  • One of the original MMORPGs, EverQuest was released long before RuneScape. It offers a sizable open environment and traditional gaming elements.
  • Another early MMORPG with an open globe and non-linear gameplay is Ultima Online. It also has traditional gameplay elements that bring to mind Old School RuneScape.
  • A 2D MMORPG called Old School MapleStory was released much earlier than RuneScape. There are several missions, interesting people, and a huge open world.

Large numbers of people play Old School RuneScape because they like the gameplay, open world, and social connection. Players may take pleasure in engaging in advanced gameplay while also making use of the classic game principles that are beginner-friendly.

But each of the aforementioned games also has its own advantages and can provide its own special features. Albion Online, for instance, offers greater opportunities for social engagement and more up-to-date visuals, but Ultima Online was one of the original MMORPGs and helped pave the way for many subsequent games in the genre.

As a result, the game you choose will rely on your gaming hobbies and personal preferences. But if you’ve never played Old School RuneScape before, then you should definitely give it a try – it is also playable on mobile.