Elden Ring: Tips to Beat Maliketh the Black Blade


If you want to know how to beat Maliketh the Black Blade in Elden Ring, there are a few tips that will help you to do that.

Tips to Beat Maliketh the Black Blade in Elden Ring

The first tip to beat Maliketh the Black Blade in Elden Ring is to have friends in your party. These friends can be literal or single-serving NPCs. They will be of great use when battling this tough boss. In addition to this, you will need to upgrade your equipment to the highest level you can.

The second step in beating Maliketh the Black Blade is to know the bosses. The first boss in the game is the Grafted Scion, who is the same boss you fight in the beginning.

This monster is a spider that has two swords and a shield. You will need to be alert to what it will do before it attacks. Having this information can help you deal with this monster in a more effective manner.

Once you know which enemies you need to avoid, you can prepare to face the next ones. The biggest challenge is the bosses. You can’t fight them all at once, and you should keep this in mind.


Try to avoid groups as much as possible. Keeping to yourself is also a good idea because this way you can stay out of sight from your enemies. You can hide in a grassy patch and make sure that you’re not being noticed.

While the Blackblade Maliketh is not a particularly difficult boss, it does require a great deal of skill to take down. Maliketh is an agile creature that can attack you from a distance. The video game has been highly praised by critics, and has received a high Metacritic rating.

For the first boss in Elden Ring, you will encounter the Grafted Scion. You will face this spider twice, but only once. You’ll need to equip two legendary items and upgrade your equipment. In this guide, I’ll go over how to defeat Maliketh the first time.

Once you’ve mastered this quest, you’ll have to kill Maliketh, the Black Blade, in order to proceed to the Legacy Dungeon.

There are several ways to do this, but it’s usually best to follow a proven strategy to be sure of your success. It’s also important to note that Maliketh doesn’t change its defenses between phases, so it’s important to focus on the skills that let you make critical attacks.