Guide to the Best Flying Mounts in Palworld

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In the expansive world of Palworld, choosing the best flying pal is essential for traversing the vast landscapes efficiently and enjoying the game to its fullest. The game features a variety of flying pals, each with unique abilities and stats that cater to different stages of gameplay. This guide will explore the best flying pals in Palworld, highlighting key characteristics that make them stand out, and offering insights to help you choose the right companion for your adventures.

Palworld is a game where exploration and travel are integral to the player’s experience. With the game’s large map and diverse biomes, having a reliable flying pal can significantly enhance your ability to explore, gather resources, and engage in battles. This guide aims to provide detailed insights into the best flying pals in Palworld, considering factors such as speed, accessibility, and special abilities.

Best Flying Mounts in Palworld

Jetragon: The Ultimate Flying Companion

Jetragon stands at the pinnacle of flying pals in Palworld, acclaimed for its unmatched speed and agility. It’s a legendary pal that’s challenging to obtain, requiring players to reach level 50 to unlock the recipe needed for mounting. Despite the difficulty in acquiring Jetragon, its capabilities as a flying mount are unparalleled, making it a coveted ally for end-game exploration and combat​​​​​​​​.

Frostallion and Faleris: The A-Tier Flyers

Frostallion and Faleris are notable for their powerful partner skills and excellent movement speed, placing them firmly in the A-tier of flying pals. Frostallion, with its ice-steed ability, changes the player’s attack type to Ice and enhances Ice attacks while mounted. Faleris, known for its scorching predator ability, aids in gathering more items from Ice Pals when defeated. These pals are great options for players looking for high performance without the legendary difficulty of acquiring Jetragon​​​​.

Mid-Tier Marvels: Suzaku, Ragnahawk, and Shadowbeak

For players navigating through mid to late-game phases, Suzaku, Ragnahawk, and Shadowbeak offer a blend of speed, utility, and easier accessibility compared to the top-tier pals. Suzaku stands out for its incredible speed and the ability to enhance Fire attacks while mounted. Ragnahawk and Shadowbeak, while slightly slower, provide unique advantages in combat and exploration, making them valuable additions to any player’s collection​​​​.


Suzaku stands out in the world of Palworld as a majestic and powerful flying pal, embodying the essence of fire. Known for its vibrant plumage that seems to blaze in midair, Suzaku offers a unique combination of speed and utility, making it a favorite among players looking for an edge in mobility and combat. Its special ability, “Wings of Flame,” enhances Fire attacks while mounted, offering a tactical advantage in battles by boosting fire-based damage​​​​.

Suzaku’s speed and agility in the air make it an excellent choice for players aiming to explore the vast landscapes of Palworld with style and efficiency. The rarity and challenge in acquiring Suzaku, often involving specific breeding conditions or high-level exploration, add to its allure and desirability within the game’s community.


Ragnahawk is a formidable flying pal in Palworld, embodying the ferocity and untamed power of the skies. With its impressive wingspan and striking appearance, Ragnahawk is not just a mode of transportation but a fierce ally in combat. This Pal is particularly valued for its balanced attributes in speed and stamina, allowing players to traverse large distances swiftly while being ready for any encounter.

The unique ability to assist players during battles, possibly through elemental advantages or other combat benefits, makes Ragnahawk a versatile companion. Players often find Ragnahawk in areas of high elevation or near volcanic regions, adding a thrilling aspect to its capture and taming​​​​. Its presence in a player’s lineup signifies not only an achievement in exploration but also a strategic choice for those looking to dominate in both land and air battles.


Shadowbeak emerges from the shadows of Palworld as a dark and mysterious flying pal, captivating players with its enigmatic allure and combat prowess. This Dark-type pal offers a unique combination of speed, agility, and combat utility, making it a coveted ally for those who traverse the night or delve into the game’s more perilous domains. Shadowbeak’s special abilities lean towards enhancing Dark attacks while mounted, providing a significant advantage in battles against susceptible foes​​​​.

The sleek and intimidating appearance of Shadowbeak, coupled with its ability to navigate through the darkest nights, makes it a prime choice for players seeking a blend of aesthetics and functionality in their aerial companion. Acquiring Shadowbeak is a testament to a player’s dedication and skill, as it often requires meeting challenging conditions or overcoming tough battles to tame and ride.

Each of these flying pals offers a unique set of attributes and abilities, reflecting the diverse strategies and personal preferences within the Palworld community. Whether players are drawn to the fiery skies with Suzaku, the fierce aerial dominance of Ragnahawk, or the dark mystery of Shadowbeak, these pals enrich the gaming experience with their distinctive qualities and capabilities.


Choosing the best flying pal in Palworld depends on your gameplay stage, preferences, and the specific advantages each pal offers. While Jetragon is the ultimate goal for many, the journey there is filled with other fantastic flying pals that can greatly enrich your Palworld experience. Whether you prioritize speed, combat utility, or simply the joy of exploring with a unique companion, there’s a flying pal suited to every player’s needs.


  1. How do I obtain Jetragon in Palworld?
    • Jetragon can only be captured after defeating it in a boss fight, and you’ll need to be at least level 50 to unlock its saddle for use as a flying mount​​.
  2. Are there any flying pals that are good for beginners?
    • Nitewing is often the first flying pal players can acquire, available from level 15. It’s great for early exploration despite its lower speed and stamina compared to higher-tier options​​.
  3. Can flying pals be used in combat?
    • Yes, many flying pals add unique abilities to your attacks while mounted, such as enhancing elemental damage or providing utility in gathering resources​​​​.
  4. Where can I find flying pals in the game?
    • Flying pals are scattered throughout Palworld, with some like Vanwyrm and Ragnahawk found in specific regions such as the lush forests and near Mount Obsidian. The game’s diverse biomes host different pals, so exploration is key​​.

This guide highlights the importance of choosing the right flying pal for your journey in Palworld, ensuring you have the best possible ally to accompany you through the game’s challenges and wonders.