Where to Find East Lapis in Enshrouded Game

In the immersive world of the game “Enshrouded,” locating East Lapis is a task that requires a blend of strategy, exploration, and awareness of the game’s environment. This guide provides a comprehensive approach to finding East Lapis, incorporating various online resources for accuracy and depth.

Where to Find East Lapis in Enshrouded Game

The quest to find East Lapis in “Enshrouded” is a notable part of the game that blends exploration with the thrill of discovery. This guide aims to equip players with the necessary information and strategies to successfully locate East Lapis, enhancing their gaming experience.

Starting the Journey: Kindlewastes Ancient Spire

Your journey begins at the Kindlewastes ancient spire. This location serves as the starting point for your quest towards the elusive East Lapis.

From the Kindlewastes ancient spire, you will need to glide towards the north-east direction. This part of the journey requires careful navigation, surpassing the Sun Temple, a significant landmark in the game. It’s important to cross a little further than the Sun Temple to stay on the right track.

Discovering the Cave Passage

As you progress, you will come across a cave passage, which is almost in line with the Sun Temple. This cave is a critical point in your journey and requires you to go through it. Inside the cave, it’s advisable to place a flame altar for safety, a strategy that can be beneficial for your journey.

Final Steps: Flame Shrine and Ocean’s Heart Camp

After navigating through the cave, you will find a flame shrine and a camp known as Ocean’s Heart. These landmarks are pivotal as East Lapis is located just north of these two points.

Conclusion: The Reward of Exploration

Finding East Lapis in “Enshrouded” is more than just reaching a destination; it’s about enjoying the journey and the various challenges it presents. This guide aims to provide a clear path while still leaving room for the joy of exploration and discovery that is central to the gaming experience.


  1. Where do I start my journey to find East Lapis?
    • Begin at the Kindlewastes ancient spire and glide towards the northeast direction.
  2. What are the key landmarks to guide me to East Lapis?
    • Key landmarks include the Sun Temple, a cave passage in line with it, a flame shrine, and the Ocean’s Heart camp.
  3. Is there any safety precaution I should take during the journey?
    • It is recommended to place a flame altar for safety when you go through the cave passage.
  4. How do I know I have reached East Lapis?
    • East Lapis is located just north of the flame shrine and Ocean’s Heart camp.

Remember, while this guide offers a structured path to finding East Lapis, the game “Enshrouded” is designed to reward exploration and curiosity. Thus, while following these directions, don’t hesitate to explore the vibrant world the game offers.