Ni no Kuni: Cross Worlds Destroyer Guide – How To Play?


Destroyer is a support Tank role in Ni No Kuni: Cross Worlds. Looking quite like a tank itself, a Destroyer’s job is quite self-explanatory. With the use of their buffed physique, they will hit hard while defending with the highest possibility of reducing the damage. However, with great power comes slower speed and that’s why the biggest compromise is speed itself. 

If you like destroying enemies with brute force then you’ll love Destroyer. Let’s talk about how to play with Destroyer. 

How To Play As The Destroyer?

Just like his name, the Destroyer uses sheer force to take down any enemy you can think of. If you’re the type of person who wants to get right into a battle while making sure that your character is strong enough to fight dozens of characters, then Destroyer should be your soldier. 

By using the Destroyer, you can easily increase the attacking and defenses of your teams because as a tank, he can take a lot of hits for your teammates while they do other jobs that require fast-pacing. 

The main job of the Destroyer is to attack and defend. So whenever you choose your skill equipment, you should make sure to achieve a balance between attacking and defensive skills. Not only this will affect your character but also the familiar’s stats. 

It’s your choice whether you want to go heavy on the attack, defense, or suppose. You could not only balance between all three stats but also specialize in one skill so you can become the master in one.
However, we recommend you have a good balance between all three skills so you can carry out the various duties assigned to you. 

Ideal Familiars To Pair With Destroyer

Here’s a best Familiar to pair up with Destroyer:

  • Suiryu:

Suiryu Familiar

The Water-Attack Type Familiar will help you dominate the opponents. With its two attacking active abilities, it can not only damage the opponent but also encourage Frostbite as well. It also increases Water Damage by 1% and that’s the passive skill that you get with this familiar. 

  • Hippocampus:


Another Watter-Attack Type Familiar, Hippocampus focuses on silencing enemies and his passive skills increase the elemental damage by a total of 1%. So if you’re going heavy on the attack with Destroyer, you know why to choose him. 

  • Splisher:

This is a Water-Support Type Familiar that focuses on HP restoration along with decreased skill cooldowns. In other words, using Splisher will let you enhance the support aspect of your game. If you want to go heavy on the support side while becoming the Destroyer, you should choose Splisher. 


Best Destroyer Skills Recommendations

The primary power of the destroyer is to do powerful attacks and healing skills. Your skills should be optimal in any situation. Whether you want to do a lot of damage, take a lot of hits, or support your team, Destroyer will be able to do all that but with a little bit of focus. 

When it comes to the skills, Destroyer’s basic class skills are Whirlwind, Leaping Slam, and Brutal Strike. These should be your focus and they’re going to be the building block of your combat experience. 


Then, you can also use the Burst Skill called Hyper Strike which summons a huge hammer that you can easily destroy your opponents with. The destroyer also comes with Special Skills like Battle Cry, which is a Fire Damage attack, and then there are Frozen Shards and a plethora of other skills as well. 

Once you have your basic skills in line, you should experiment with other special skills and try your luck as you get into the battle. Destroyer is a force to be reckoned with and that’s why you should always be a bit experimental and see what works for your specific goal. Ask yourself these two questions:

  • Do I want my Destroyer to be attack-heavy, defense-heavy, or balanced?
  • What skills would be most appropriate to achieve my goals? 

These two questions will make you come to the most optimal conclusion.