System Shock Remake Ending Video Surfaces

System Shock Remake

The first System Shock game, released in 1994, is an indie classic that helped pave the way for shooters like Bioshock 2. To be a successful remake, the game needs to remain faithful to its original source, and a recent new System Shock remake ending video shows that the game will still have its roots. This trailer gives a brief overview of the game and shows gameplay. It also features familiar locations and weaponry.

Although no official release date has been announced, the System Shock remake is nearing completion. You can pre-order the game through its Steam page. A recent video game event has shown off the game’s ending and final boss gameplay. It’s unclear if the game will be out soon or not, but it looks promising.

Developer nightdive studios has provided a new gameplay video for fans to see. In the 20-minute clip, you’ll see the game’s Citadel, puzzles, enemy encounters, and audio logs. The remake is expected to launch next year. It is set to be available for all major platforms.

After Nightdive Studios acquired the full rights to the System Shock franchise, it announced a full remake of the game. It was originally scheduled for mid-2018 release after a successful Kickstarter campaign, but was delayed to 2020. The studio also considered making a sequel to System Shock. The remake has been delayed, but the new team of developers is making it.