Two New Nintendo Direct Scheduled for This Month – Rumor

Nintendo Direct

The month has just begun and we get an amazing rumor that points to the launch of not one but two Nintendo Direct for February.

The information comes from the ResetEra user Zippo, for whom we already talked about in a previous rumor where the leaker provided information that a Metroid 2D, a Paper Mario and other titles were on their way to Nintendo Switch. Now he has spoken again about Nintendo’s plans for this month, ensuring that the Big N has planned two Nintendo Direct presentations by February 2020.

The user Zippo shares that he is not sure of the dates, but says there will be information about Animal Crossing: New Horizons by February 20. We leave you with his message below:

Alright then. Might as well let it out.

There’s two Directs this month. You’ve already guessed what they obviously are. Not sure of the timing, but that February 20th stuff lines up for AC.

Please don’t flood me.

In September of last year, Nintendo broadcasted the last Direct presentation. Since then, there have been various rumors that Nintendo will be presenting a Direct in January. As we now know, these rumors were pointless. So we’re still waiting for the first general Direct to be announced in 2020.

In another news, Nintendo confirmed that Switch is entering the middle of its life cycle. On the other hand, the sales of the hybrid console of Big N surpassed 52 million units.

We will be attentive to see if the announcement of these two Nintendo Direct is officially confirmed. Meanwhile, what do you think?

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