Xiaomi Also Working on A Folding Smartphone Similar To Motorola RAZR

Xiaomi Patent

Even the Chinese Xiaomi, it seems, is working on a folding smartphone. The company has, in fact, filed a patent with the USPTO, United States Patent and Trademark Office, and shows the idea of ​​a Xiaomi leaflet.

The “clamshell design” seems to attract more and more manufacturers, so much so that the solution proposed by Xiaomi in this patent is somewhat reminiscent of the Motorola RAZR, which seems to have been inspired by Samsung for its new Galaxy Z Flip, which will be presented during the Unpacked event in February.

On a par, therefore, of the other manufacturers also Xiaomi is studying a foldable phone that as you can see from the images will have the hinge positioned on the short side of the smartphone and the display that folds upon itself.
In addition, to prevent the phone from opening unexpectedly, it appears that magnets will be inserted along with the bezels.

When open, therefore, the phone will present itself with a fairly large screen, while once folded it will be a very compact device.
From the drawings we have seen so far, it is not possible to extrapolate other details, therefore it is still not possible to make assumptions about the front camera or the physical buttons.

Being a patent it is not certain that Xiaomi will make this model which for the moment is only an idea on paper, what is interesting for now is knowing that the Chinese house is also working on a leaflet.  In any case, it will be good to know whether Xiaomi is planning to launch this smartphone to compete with Samsung Galaxy Z Flip or so?


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