A New Mafia Game is in Development at Hangar 13

A new Mafia game is in the works at Hangar 13 in Brighton, UK. Developed with the Unreal Engine 5, the game will take place prior to the Mafia trilogy. According to Kotaku, the game is being codenamed Nero and is being developed by a new studio head.

Hangar 13 is currently in a precarious position after two rounds of layoffs and failed projects. The studio had several new IP ideas, including a spy game based on music cues and a co-op action game in the vein of Destiny 2. However, Hangar 13 was unable to find a home for Volt, the team’s loot-based ARPG.

A new Mafia game is likely several years away from release, but the game’s developers are already talking about the game’s development in a blog post. The game’s developers shared their favorite Mafia games, and the most important game development lesson they’ve learned.

Hangar 13 is a studio well-known for its Mafia II: Definitive Edition AND Mafia Trilogy video game development. It has a number of other projects as well. One of these is a Mafia remake, codenamed Volt. It is currently unclear when the game will be released, but a new Mafia game could be announced before the end of next year.